Agraco Pty Ltd
Professional Engineering and Management Services


Our Services 

Project Managment
Management of  projects from conception, design, construction to completion.

We undertake the following Design services:
Urban and rural road design, to Council, Austroads or Main Roads standards and specifications.
Storm water
Road Safety and Traffic Reports
Traffic reports for developments.
Road safety inspections and road safety reports.
Traffic management plans (Level 3 MUTCD) and traffic management safety audits (Level 4 MUTCD)
Risk assessments
RPEQ certification for traffic management plans
Construction Supervision and Contract Management
Engineering supervision of construction and maintenance projects.
Act as the Principal's/Client's representative, or Superintendant; preparation of tender documentation and tender assessment.
Asset Management and GIS
Preparation and review of asset management plans.
Determination of service levels.
Collection of asset data.
Development of routine maintenance plans.
Development of financial projections and funding strategies.
Development of performance, monitoring and improvement programs.
Natural Disaster Assessment
Assessment of  damage caused by natural disaster events, project management and supervision of reconstruction programs.
Community Consultation
Engaging the community in consultation processes for projects.  
Quality Assurance
Development of quality systems based on your organisation's processes.